Pinang Mas warehousing area is a cluster of ready to rent warehouses in the city of Padang. Consisting of various varieties of warehouse sizes, steel construction and numerous facilities.

Located only 3 Km away from the Teluk Bayur port and located on Jalan Bypass lama, the main highway around the area. Pinang Mas warehousing area is the perfect choice to support business activities in the city of Padang. Warehousing location is well ordered and pristine, as well as a conducive social environment.


Warehouses and Stockpile For Rent:

Zona A

  • Warehouse A1: 966 m2
  • Warehouse A2: 516 m2

Zona B

  • Warehouse B1: 1,380 m2
  • Warehouse B2: 1,320 m2
  • Warehouse B3: 1,320 m2

Zona C

  • Warehouse C1: 1,199 m2
  • Warehouse C2: 1,089 m2
  • Warehouse C3: 825 m2
  • Warehouse C4: 852 m2
  • Warehouse C5: 957 m2

Zona D

  • Warehouse D1: 1980 m2
  • Warehouse D2: 1980 m2

Warehouse Location :

Location: Jl. Raya Bypass Lama km. 12 Kel. Batung Taba, Kec. Lubeg. Kota Padang – 25223 West Sumatra Indonesia